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Give me some space...
To live this life...
GIve me an year,
To live- in between seconds....

Fears do prevail,
Within frozen minds
Prior to death,
For no reason.

'The unguided mass on earth,
Filled with undefined souls,
Are termed as humans- at times!
Had fallen into fathomless whirls of oblivion,

I don't know who you are
I don't know how we got in touch,
I was alone, wandering somewhere,
But couldn't reach anywhere.

Oh my Lord!
Give me a way out,
To break-out and sprout;
To catch my will

by Rahul Sharma

Life is like a lonely boat;
In the open sea of mystery;

I broke the Mirror, just to realize that,
It was a painted piece of glass.........
And now I could see my shadow, scavenging my faith.....
Leaving the lights behind.....

Our heads do collide
With each other;
To accomplish
Someone else's desire!

They were like angels,
Their words felt like magical spells,
That rolled out from a wizard's pop,
And can't be ruled out;

Oh my friend,
Here is my soul...!
Me, as a messenger,
Of a friend's friend indeed.

Rahul Sharma Biography

First Anthology of poems- IN SOLITUDE (ISBN: 978-81-930698-0-6) , was published by ROOTS & WINGS and was released at the 10th INTERNATIONAL WRITERS FESTIVAL, INDIA on 27th of December,2014.)

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Give me some space...
To live this life...
GIve me an year,
To live- in between seconds....
I need some time,
To retrn into my life...
Or else you kill me,
If you can...
And give me a new life...

I did lose something,
That wasn't with me.
I can't bear this pain,
Anymore in restraint.

Hey Time,
I would like to jump into your loop,
In prior attempting to scoot,
To keep up my hope,
And to know its scope...
I beg you, please give me sometime,
And take my life in lieu,
From the other end...
I beg you
For some universal food,
As I want to have some,
I beg you... pardon...!
-Rahul Sharma (all rights reserved)

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Rahul Sharma Popularity

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