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it was my day,
my time had come at long last,
i was going on to pay,
for crimes and sins of long past.

lying down on my rough hard bed,
my eyes through tears oh, so red,
i cup my hands on my face,
my mind seems clouded, lost in a haze.

I met people oh, so shocking,
who looked at me a way so mocking,
so scornful and so damn naughty,
never seen people quite so haughty,

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I am a budding poet and find it quite a relaxing experience to pen my thoughts on paper whenever i feel like it.. It is a hobby of mine that gives me solace and a release from the day to day monotony of my life. i hope that all of you appreciate my poems and encourage me so that i could bring out more creations that seem to echo your own innermost feelings to the world.)

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Journey To The Devil

it was my day,
my time had come at long last,
i was going on to pay,
for crimes and sins of long past.

i was pulled out of my body,
as if leashed on an invisible hook,
i felt no happiness and not at all moody,
for this was predictable eventhough many years it took.

i walk towards the gate forboding and huge,
where st peter stood smiling and waiting,
he opened a book and let out a deluge,
of everyting i did while is stood there hating.

listening to my own acts and thoughts,
for which i was now to beg repentance,
while my body in my grave rots,
i was here waiting for acceptance.

it was all finally over,
the book was closed and replaced at last,
st peter stood there looking me over,
i stood cowering like the wind on a mast.

he bore through me with his eyes,
i lowered my gaze to the ground,
i knew there was no escape with lies,
i had just myself to curse and pound.

he pointed to the gate of hell,
as i moved on not a bit disheveled,
there was no help anything i could tell,
i was already on my journey to the devil....

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