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The Bloody Knife

I stood there
Then i felt pain in my head
There was blood in my hair
I needed to go lay in bed


A thing i feel more and more
Sadening thoughtsrun through my mind
Always wanting to cut myself
Butknowing thats not right

The Dream

I sit here thinking of what i've done
Scared and alone with no where to run

What Are We?

For what does one see
When they look at the morning sun
For what do we hear
When we listen to the wind

Love Me

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i love to write it is one of the things in my life that make me happy.i can just put my feelings on the paper. :) one of my future goals in life is to become a writer if it for a movie or book or play. me and a friend once wrote a play. my writing tends to be dark and morbid i have trouble writing happy poems.: D

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