M. Asim Nehal Rain Poems

Virtues Of Rain And Woman.

As the rain gently falls, a woman's spirit resounds,
both are heaven-sent gifts, with virtues that astound,
women and rain possess countless graces,
both leave us amazed, and our hearts in their embraces.

Morning Rain And Song Of Love

In the stillness of the morning's dew,
a song of love begins to brew,
the birds chirp along with our tune,
a symphony that plays till noon.

We Remained Dry In The Rain

Yes, it was raining
When I first met you
I saw umpteen desires
Dancing in your eyes

Abc Poem On The Rain

Again the rain is back after a year or so,
Buzzing of the clouds jolts one and all.
Clouds are having no mercy.
Drops of water are dazzling on the leaves.

Welcome Rain....

The little bird whose nest
is hanging on the lovely cool branches
of the banyan tree with many roots
is floating like the clouds and

Haiku - 109 Rain

Haiku - 86 Rain Dance

Haiku - 91 Autumn And Rain

life of autumn night
not differ from rainy nights
leaf replaces drops

Haiku ~ Rain

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