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Raj Kumar Poems

1. Wave 5/5/2012
2. Time And Trust 5/6/2012
3. One Sense 5/9/2012
4. Fear 5/14/2012
5. Smile … Dear Smile 5/17/2012
6. My Dreamy Dream 5/21/2012
7. Rose! ! 5/21/2012
8. Goodness 5/25/2012
9. Lotus 6/17/2012
10. Once Adorer 7/7/2012
11. Rush 7/7/2012
12. Why Austerity Mr. Austin 7/17/2012
13. Haiku 8/13/2012
14. Nuptial Star Shine 8/13/2012
15. Drunken Remembrance 8/13/2012
16. Banyan 8/13/2012
17. Discern 8/13/2012
18. Bliss Shared 8/13/2012
19. Allie 4/23/2012
20. Pickled Heart 4/23/2012
21. Poodle 7/7/2012

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Best Poem of Raj Kumar


Poodle thought to doodle; first time love scribble.
Pride before of friend candle; be one for envy dribble.
Strolled down to Google; be life thought on cradle.
Pick up the mantle; Tail up as spindle.
Sat like moon over kindle; Shining stars on handle.
It was all confused riddle; Like five minute noodle.
Fluke fell impressed of ladle.
Felt for Poodle delight doodle of noodle.

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O' Allie, wake up;
Where have you been?
Wish could place, being seen.
Sleep come back….
Days and nights, have gone by;
Glares of pain, far gone by.
O' Allie, Have believed earful;
Could that be weird, Could this be true.
O' Allie you seen here ‘in ones, twos..

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