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Through the sea of greens so gay

The dusty road gropes its way

The dark mountain road climbs its way
Like a great snake winds round its prey
Shining black in the simmering sun
Spotted by wayside trees on its run

Oh soft leathery little leaves
What a wonder on the trees
Perched so firmly on their limbs
Dancing merrily in the winds.

Thegolden sun bids adieu heaven and earth
for the day
Silver water strings from heaven to earth
in great array

The cold night bids adiew at dawn

Little drops of dew over the lawn

Through the silent dinner night

Save the clang of spoons so light

From tufts of black and blue at yonder height

To the turf of white and blues spread so deep

Up above the rising greens

Happy blues so free they sail

The scorching sun bids adieu the evening sky
Walking down between yonder pair of rocky hills
The cool wind brings with it the nightly chill
Dark rain clouds slowly set up water laden decks

Drizzling drops specle the watery ground
Buzzing mosquitoes play a tune as in the background
Dripping droplets on the leaves drum a natural rhythm
Sprouts of water jump and dance on the water stage

Ocean at Night: 

Water water everywhere, deep down to the ocean floor

Violet tulips spread their crown

In shades of Indigo and Blue

A rainbow of multi hue with strings of rain
Nature's huge harp across the sky so plain
The wind fiddles the strings thin and fine
Nature's music flows in rhythm and rhyme

From up above the lofty flying blues
In a mind boggling bird's eye view
Static silky white waves of barren ice
Glaringly hazardous to the bare eyes.

The Day watch signs off his duty for the day
The sunset twilight marks the end of day;
Necklace of myriad colors adorn Mother earth so gay
The moon comes for duty at the far edge of the bay

Behold the soft silky white clouds sailing at lofty height
Changing shapes and patterns, a delight to the sight
Brushed asides by palms, dancing to the music of the tides
Now and then, shield the earth from the scorching heat

Twinkling wings of many a hue for the honey dew

Fluttering above the flowery rainbow of many a hue

I fly all day, in and out, in search of prey
Chicks at home , happily chirp and play
Twilight dawns to mark the end of day
Time for nest to rest, wait for break of day.

The pleasant chillness at break of day
When the black sky turns to colors so gay
Behold the Red ruby stud in the tufts of grey
When the Silver ring slides behind mounds of grey

Down the Royal paths of the sky to yonder hills
Lit by the setting sun in twilight colors so gay
Fleet of birds fly past showing wonder aero skills
A colorful pageantry in the sky at end of day.

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I am an Electrical / Electronics Engineer ----Deeply interested in good Rhythmical English poems.)

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The Country Side

Through the sea of greens so gay

The dusty road gropes its way

Flanked all through by yellow corns

Winds itself to yonder hills so forlorn .

Yonder there trickles a tiny rivulet

On its bank sprawls a little hamlet

Sprouts of tiny huts of mud and clay

Sweet little urchins run and play.

Up above the rising greens

Happy blues so free they sail

Rise from snowy peaks so frail

Know not where to the land of dreams.

Oh, the night has fallen for today

Lovely scenes plunged in twilight gray

Tiny hamlet littered in lights of yellow

Puffs of smoke from the chimneys billow.

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Rajagopalan Kumar Popularity

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