Ralph Vaughan Poems

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Monsters Amongst Us

The skull is small, precious, fragile;
It is delicate as a raven’s egg
Fallen from a nest of encircled thorns,
Now half-buried in the loamy swamp,

Fast & Furious Fail

Glittering skeletons, bone-men with fireball eyes,
Slip from out the shadows, dark capes obscuring famous faces
That would be instantly recognized under flickering blue skies,
Lightning-lashed heavens as Quetzalcoatl thrashes

The Wall

The wall is cracked and broken,
Wire atop just coiled rust,
Potentially falling dust
At the touch of brown fingers

The Stars Fall On Yemen

The djinns are restless in their sandy beds
And fitful in their blue-lit mountain grottoes;
But the always-insomniac urban djinns,
Swilling too-strong coffee and smoking black russian cigarettes,

Blackout: 8 September 2011

The Doctor escapes the Space Rhino Cops,
But then the sucking octogenarian plasmavore –
Here the grid cracks and fractures,
Spindled folded and mutilated

Seven Days In November

The day of anointing looms as a disc of bronze;
Smoke rises from myriad cities,
Habitations of jackals and fine young cannibals
Who smote the midas merchants at leaping pyres,

The Western Gate

The Emperor nears the horizon,
The Guide awaits his approach
Scroll in hand,
Dark like river mud;

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