Randy McClave

Gold Star - 11,369 Points (Ashland, Kentucky)

Randy McClave Poems

801. When The Saints Come Calling 2/8/2016
802. If Man Were Gone 2/9/2016
803. Where I Live 2/10/2016
804. The Angel And The Atheist 2/11/2016
805. Flint Michigan 2/13/2016
806. Last Word Spoke 2/15/2016
807. Seduced To Marriage 2/20/2016
808. If I Carried A Gun 2/22/2016
809. The Wandering Jew 2/22/2016
810. The End 2/25/2016
811. Smoking Until The End 4/25/2016
812. Ashland Tomcat 4/27/2016
813. America - The Holy Empire 4/27/2016
814. When You're Ninety Years Old 4/30/2016
815. The Day After Tomorrow 5/1/2016
816. Not Going To Church 5/2/2016
817. I Am A Republican 5/3/2016
818. Blessed Mother 5/5/2016
819. In God's Garden 5/8/2016
820. Called Mom 5/14/2016
821. Will Not Hold A Grudge 5/14/2016
822. Using The Toilet 5/15/2016
823. Until Death Do We Part 5/15/2016
824. I Love You Forever 5/18/2016
825. We Are Americans 5/19/2016
826. How Sad It Is 5/22/2016
827. After Death 5/23/2016
828. So, She Runs 5/24/2016
829. Farewell Kiss 5/24/2016
830. The Devil Wins 5/26/2016
831. The Man With The Fertile Farm 5/27/2016
832. Muhammad Ali Had Died 6/4/2016
833. Build An Ark 6/5/2016
834. It Was Just A Dream 6/6/2016
835. Feasting For The Rich 6/8/2016
836. Why Mothers 6/9/2016
837. He Will Rise 6/9/2016
838. Remove Your Bra 6/11/2016
839. Women, I Adore 6/18/2016
840. Die By The Sword 6/19/2016
Best Poem of Randy McClave

Bring Me Flowers

Bring me flowers when I am living
Don't bring me them when I am dead,
Let me enjoy them in the giving
My mother always had said.
Let me hold them in my hands
And smell their fragrant scent,
Then I will reminisce of different lands
Before; I am heaven sent.
I will reflect back when I was young
Or, I might think back not long ago,
When I walked underneath the sun
Or, when I felt the wind as it blowed.

Bring me flowers when I am here
Please don't wait until I am gone,
So, I might reflect to a different year
And my memories will last on.
I ...

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Muscle And Bone

GOD creates out of muscle and bone
Man creates out of steel and stone
Man builds his structures to grow and rise,
To sail the waves or touch the sky.

GOD gives life to the breeze
To move the clouds, or plant the seeds
To bring the rain upon the earth
And to quieten the pain when it comes to hurt.

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