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4. Chastity

On Valentine Day
A girl as to safe Guard her Virgin bag


I would have appeared lovely
If you had loved me dearly

In 1942 you quit
Your kins & Kiths
& stood for freedom fight


Swing swing
You Mother of cradles
Father to tree branches

2. The Peak

For A Man without A Soul mate
Loving is flaw full one

Hi! hello! Listen!
Can you hear me?
Can you find my sleep?
I have lost it

children poem
God Man

Twink a little Star

Vachanagalu(Utterance / sayings/wordings)
1. Let him be theking of a palace
A poor, let him also beg
But hunger is same for both

11. Admire aperson
Forhis happiness
For his concern
For theone who left

21) Let charming be cornered
Let yarning be destroyed
Let anger be kickedout&
Become a kind hearted child

71)They said women is goddess
Fit to be worshippedand prime place is hers
On the stage she is praised of her virtues
For these praising words

51)For worldly pleasure don't pay attention
In sacrifice find boundlesshappiness
Removing the knots of an arrogance of
an arrogant is an art

101) For one and all yoube the sprit
Be a universal person
In the service of saints see the world
For the whole world

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4. Chastity

On Valentine Day
A girl as to safe Guard her Virgin bag
A boy friend as to safe Guard his wallet
Beneath lies the real valentine
For love Bondages or else
The result is swollen stomach
@ BBC news


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