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often swelled with pride did i

patting myself for being a mother perfect

Demolitioners descend upon me with chisel and crowbars
strike me where I am vulnerable most
They look at me with glee
deciding which part of me is luscious

Pure White

Pure white I cannot fathom
the multihues you hide within yourself


Madame Earth beckons Mars,
'' my plight will soon be like yours''
senseless children bent upon
philandering my gifts...air, water, forests

I gaze in wonder at the luminous moon

so pure, untouched, calm

The fanatics are but a handful
Let them nothold myriads in a fistful
Let them not desecrate our realms
Let not their tentacles crush us


I look with awe at worn out gnarled hands of a help

How well have they have served their master!

Stop! said the divine one,

as I turned to go

Me, in my morning rush hour

cook scrub and clean

Dreading the worst, I stepped into my garden

steeling myself for a situation grave...


note; what would have been Shakespeare's thoughts on today's selfie?
I have made a small attempt to think like the bard

Oh, selfie! who art thou?

Thoughts...like the errant schoolchild
slither away from the channelled course
on to vistas new and varied
either divine or ignoble

Stepping into the hall of glitterati
I stand bemused
with whom? with whom do I click pics?
flashing bulbs, clicking shutters

In the aftermath of Corona....

Life has turned out to be a completed crossword, going backwards
With letters missing in a gradient regularity

You brouhaha at my allure
Preen over my branches array
Awe over ‘a tree in a tray'
Bringing blooms in Nature, indoor

Two little twittering twitters

hop in and hop out

Ramanna, Ramanna...kept saying the maid

in the flat above mine


I searched in vain for pictures of my Dad

pictures large and small

i would like to give a very small introduction to the poem This is about avery famous theatre personality arundhati nag who strove very hard to raise a memorial to her husband Shankar Nag who died tragically in an accident, who was a famous filmstar of kannada cinema. I was inspired to write this poem when i watched her on the occassion of the inauguration of Rangashankara her memorial to her husband

Woman thou art precious
Do not disdain it as something trivial
Defer not its presence
Let not the fear of chemo deter you from disclosure

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A Special Mother For A Special Child

often swelled with pride did i

patting myself for being a mother perfect

crediting myself for all their highs


sighted I a mother with a special child

anticipating his wishes fulfilling them

strengthening him to catch up with the rest

providing a firewall around him

shielding him from the onslaughts of the world

sharing a special bond with her child

more close to her loved one

than I to mine

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