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The moment we met
was everlasting.

It's like home if you were here.
And there's no hope for the lame.
Even though they suffer a great deal of pain and property.
And do they feel what I'm feeling?

Woe sorrow is just a trial.
Endless hurricanes and bridges falling.
Who'd remember these times of sad?
People hanging their sorry heads.

I sigh and lift the covers over my head
the rain pours down outside it stopped
then I wonder to my amazement my surprise
I see a familiar face standing in the doorway

I open your letter.
I take another glance.
With the expression, I miss you.
You're sure my friend.

I take a breath and I wait.
For the day when you'll be mine.
We'd set off for a nite of misconception.
With that thick black hair and short wispy bangs.


Summer nights with winter's leftovers.
Nature's fallout to blue yonder.
Nature creeps up to earth.
Earth crawls out to her fate ahead.

The duke of Rome.
The duke of my heart.
The duke of my home.
He builds a new start for Urbino.


Sunbathed in warmness.
Coolness lay on my back.
I lay back and wonder.
Where were you when I called.


1. It takes a narrow path to walk a straight line.


1. It takes a narrow path to walk a straight line.

Raven Bishop Biography

Raven Bishop born on (March 18 1985) A resourceful web poet on Frodosnotebook.com with Christmas and Blind Love. She is known for her MP3 lyrics and poetry mainly online. She was a teen poet and had her first poem, 'Reflections' published on Alloy.com at 14. Most of her poems were published on Alloy.com A handful can be searched at Hunter.com. She started a band with Briareus. The album can be searched at http: //www.jamendo.com/en/album/13576 http: //profile.myspace.com/index.cfm? fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=368128907 Egyptian Fire is avaliable through Kompoz records and on All Over The Map.)

The Best Poem Of Raven Bishop

Blind Love

The moment we met
was everlasting.
I never knew any secrets you kept from me.
You always seemed

so absent, so prevalent,
when we shared our thoughts
You told me

you were in love with me
But you turned your gaze
from me
and started to go off alone.

Don't ya know
That I will always love you
Till I die.

Raven Bishop Comments

Kee Thampi 13 December 2006

He builds a new start for Urbino. He carves my soul into the fortress of Saint Leo. He made me into the Dome of Rome. He built me into the bridge of the Foglia River. He conquered all my enemies. Knight as night, fierce like the wind. He plays me like a mandolin. He makes me feel more alive than a mannequin the story canvas you made a wordly pic....

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Raven Bishop Popularity

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