Ravi Sathasivam Poems

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Always, You Are In My Soul............

Your love can not be forgotten
either your heartfelt and tender embrace
My love on you is a genuine express
and loving memories can not be erased

Why You Don'T Understand Me.....

I try to make you understand how much my true love on you
but why you don't understand me
I try to make you understand my heart how much cry for you
but why you don't understand me

Until All Our Life Is Sailed Through......

When the springtime comes
then all the trees are green and supple

When Will It Be Begin Again? ..........

I can remember the day I met you
You spoke to me with true heart
Your words brought me close to you
We were very best friends from that day

Please Release Me And Let Me Go......

Please release me and let me go
So, I will not love you any more
There is a world waiting to love me again
I can live there with out your love any more

A Prisoner's Tears...

My tears stream down from my soul
When I become like a bird in the cage
Now, this steel cage is my place to live
Entombed within four walls of the prison

Welcome Into My World...

Welcome into my world
Waiting for you at the door step lonely
Longing for your love completely
Opening my heart for you widely

When Your Lips Touch My Lips......

Your lips could make magic with my lips
and teasing my lips with your groan love
Prolonging the pleasure for as we love each other
and my body is entangled with your love soul

Before I Love, I Lost My Love........

I remember that day when we came to know each other
We had a good chat and shared with all our views
That day and night, I could not sleep and kept on watching
all those stars in the sky and thinking of you

Little Boy Called Johnny.........

There is a little naughty boy called Johnny
who comes from a hill called Fenny
He rides on a pony to the market place
and asks everyone for money