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Until All Our Life Is Sailed Through......

Rating: 5.0

When the springtime comes
then all the trees are green and supple
So, I feel your love with freshness

When the summertime comes
then all the sky is clear and blue
So, I feel your love warm

When the Autumn time comes
then all the leaves' colors are changed and drop
So, I feel your love with blowing wind

When the wintertime comes
then everywhere snow is falling down
So, I feel your love cool

Oh my darling love me always
until all our life is sailed through

Kelly Allen Vinal 18 September 2006

This is a wonderful, flowing piece. Most excellent!

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Nalini Hebbar 18 September 2006

ravi...a beautiful love poem...simple and

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Catastrophe King 18 September 2006

You style and the words are so simple... the reading is extremely smooth... this is simply good. The words are framed in such purity that your heart reflects through this poem. Good write.....10 for you.

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William Jackson 18 September 2006

Fantastic poem. I love it. Good job.

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Preeti - is here! 18 September 2006

Ravi, it's superb how you've compared your love for her to the seasons. Great going! Preets

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