When Will It Be Begin Again? ..........

Rating: 5.0

I can remember the day I met you
You spoke to me with true heart
Your words brought me close to you
We were very best friends from that day
Our friendships lead into fall love each other
Then we were married under the shelter of God
We were wished and gifted by each and every one
Our new life started with unforgettable memories
As a husband and wife we did well towards our family
We ran our house wonderfully and full of commitment
We gave the best to our children in every aspect
We watched them growing up with enthusiasm
Our children did their best in their studies and set free
We were witnessed when our children got married
We showed them right path of life with love and care
We were enjoying with our grandchildren with full of fun
Now, you have left me alone and gone to the heaven
Leaving me by the side of your grave yard with tears
When will it be begin again? May be next birth

Clark Keeler 11 April 2005

It gave me chills at the end... For that I gave it a ten.

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John Tiong Chunghoo 11 April 2005

therapeutic poem. i gave it a six.

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Seema Chowdhury 27 September 2009

such a nice and touchy poem. each and every word of it is true. its a bitter reality that we have to live with. thanks alot for sharing your poems with me. take care

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Samanyan Lakshminarayanan 26 September 2009

death comes to steal away a loved one...you are so used to living in companionship...when death deserts...in such case death kills both..the kith and kin fill the gap....a touching poem...voted 10

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Surya . 26 September 2009

a good life story touching heart voted10 surya

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Luwi Habte 26 September 2009

heart felt piece, ... love the rhythm... luwi

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Lady Grace 26 September 2009

there is life after death...hope there will be a reunion...

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