Ravinder Kumar Soni

Gold Star - 30,248 Points [Ravi Soni] (05/04/1944 / Delhi)

Ravinder Kumar Soni Poems

1. The Widening Breach 10/28/2015
2. The Inner Voice 10/28/2015
3. The Exclusive Retreat 10/28/2015
4. The Song 10/28/2015
5. The Lofty Perch 10/28/2015
6. Inquiry 10/28/2015
7. Interpretation 10/30/2015
8. The Lonely Walk 10/30/2015
9. Awareness 10/30/2015
10. Impatience 10/30/2015
11. My Fault 10/30/2015
12. A Passage Of Time 11/22/2015
13. The Endless Wait 11/22/2015
14. Dilemma 11/22/2015
15. Ye Tamaashaa Nahii.N Huaa Thaa Kabhi 11/25/2015
16. Lihaaz Hai Kucch Na Tum Na Tu Kaa 11/25/2015
17. Miri Hasti Hi Kya Hai 11/25/2015
18. Mai.N Ne Ye Chehraa Kabhii Dekhaa Na Thaa 11/26/2015
19. Kho Gayaa Thaa Raahbar Mere Baghair 11/26/2015
20. Koii Rahbar Koii Rahzan Koii Hamdam Huaa Hogaa 11/26/2015
21. De Gayaa Koun Jaane Mujh Ko Khabar 11/26/2015
22. Apne Dil Mei.N Utar Ke Dekh Zaraa 11/27/2015
23. Taalib E Deed Huu.N... 11/27/2015
24. Justajoo Mein Tiri Jo Gaye 11/27/2015
25. Aankh Ro Jaae Ye Mumkin Hi Nahin 11/27/2015
26. Gham Ka Ahsaas Jawaa.N Ho Jaataa 11/27/2015
27. Mere Aa.Ngan Mein Jab Habib Aayaa 11/27/2015
28. Qaafilaa 11/28/2015
29. Qadmon Ke Nishaan 11/28/2015
30. The Fallen Thread 11/29/2015
31. Vain Wish 12/2/2015
32. Winter Dawn 12/2/2015
33. Kahataa Hai Koun Waqt E Sahar Hum Na Aaenge 12/2/2015
34. Tasalliyaa.N De Kar 12/2/2015
35. A Humble Request 12/9/2015
36. The Lone Quest 12/13/2015
37. My Home 12/13/2015
38. Words 12/14/2015
39. The Familiar Face 12/28/2015
40. I Have Nowhere Else To Go 12/29/2015

Comments about Ravinder Kumar Soni

  • Kumarmani Mahakul Kumarmani Mahakul (10/2/2018 5:50:00 PM)

    On behalf of all fellow poets, Poem Hunter Family and our Mahakul family we offer a title of honour to poet Ravinder Kumar Soni born on 5th April 1944 in Delhi, as, Pleasant Promise (सुहानी वादा) . From today on wards he will be known as Pleasant Promise Ravinder Kumar Soni Ji. In Hindi he will be known as सुहानी वादा रविंदर कुमार सोनी जी. We hope all poets and visitors will accept this. This title is offered to him due to long-time perseverance and literary contribution.

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  • Narayanan Kutty Pozhath Narayanan Kutty Pozhath (4/24/2018 7:17:00 AM)

    Atma is a hindu concept of eternity.

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Best Poem of Ravinder Kumar Soni

A Way Out

I am languishing in the today that is not of my choice;
I am made to wait for the dawn of a new bright day
That will certainly rise only to remind me of this day spent
Not learning the lessons that make up my past,
The past made up of yesterdays that can never return.

Sitting at the edge of the fluid freely flowing time
I am left to dip in its depth my right-hand forefinger
And without raising any ripples on its surface
Try to trace
Impermanent patterns that I alone can read;
No meaning derived can be ignored.
The future holds new meanings and a firm ...

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Harchand Chaahataa Huu.N

ہر چند چاھتا ہوں کہ اُنکا کہا کروں
لیکن یہ آرزو کہ تماشا کِیا کروں

سوُرج کی روشنی نے کیا دل کو داغ داغ
لی ہے پناہ تیرگیِ شب میں کیا کروں

ہر اشکِ خونِ دل کے ہے جی میں یہ آجکل
ایسا بھی ہو کہ پلکوں سے اُنکی بہا کروں

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