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I have let my tears flow,
I cannot conceal them for long.
The pain already caused that I suffer,
Has become unbearable;

My white handkerchief,
Freshly washed and ironed
Was on the table waiting for me to pick it up,
It softly reminded -

O Gentle breeze!
Do not pass me by
As you would a wind-chime
Hanging outside my window,

‘You carry me, and my load of tea,
I torture you, I do, '
Said the cup to the saucer,
It flings a taunt.

Very dry and dirty
The crumpled leaves
Cover the grass.

My friend,
Tell me honestly,
Are my thoughts old,
Are they stale,

My evenings,
Quiet and dreary,
Spent, with a book
In my hand

In this gallery of quiet
Nobody needs to shout.
That which is worthy of notice
Can be heard,

On the 5th day of April
Seventy-seven years ago,
I was born.
I took my first breath.

Murti, I heard you bought a car,
Is it a new one?

Oh! It is the new Ciaz,

Aboard a ship, I am travelling with Time,
Noiselessly and unannounced.
The route is crowded, on it
Events unfold rapidly to keep me engaged.

‘Father! Tell me. Am I made of clay? '
‘Yes, my dear, you are.'
‘But water runs off my arms and legs
It does not wash the clay,

You are skittery; please hold your fire;
I wonder whether it is proper to tell you,
What happened to me last night after you left
Or eagerly wait for you to ask me when we meet today

I found her standing on the Ellis Bridge
Across the Sabarmati
She had promised she would be there
Once the Poets' weekly meet was over

Only once
There shone the light,
That lit up the world;
It continues to shine,

Today is my 79th birthday.
My learning process ended last night,
It ended
After seventy-eight long, very long years.

He was a learned man, my teacher, Subramaniam Sir.
The other day, I knocked at his door,
Invited in, I found him immersed in a brown-cased bound book,
The 1862 edition of Richard Gorbe's treatise

O, my craving heart,
You have moved away.
I was waiting for your call today;
Just a little hint directed towards me

I cannot forget
That one evening whilst standing on the pier
I watched the fishermen sail towards the setting sun
For their tryst with the darkening sea

Nothing matters more than your words I attentively listen
Full of meaning and soothing to the ear they are, my friend.

If I had not possessed a body, I would have surely missed

Ravinder Kumar Soni Biography

Ravinder Kumar Soni was born at 1: 20 A.M. on the 5th day of April 1944 at Delhi. His family was then residing in Darya Ganj, off Ansari Road. He was the second born child of Mehr Lal Soni and Raj Kumari Soni, the first-born had expired soon after birth. Born with a weak physique Ravinder needed much care and attention. His father was employed with Reserve Bank of India during those days his office was located in Chandni Chowk, Delhi which premises presently houses the Chandni Chowk branch of State Bank of India.

At the age of five years, Ravinder was enrolled with the D.A.V. High School, Daryaganj, Delhi. In 1952, his father was promoted and transferred to Madras, present Chennai, where he stayed till 1960. Ravinder completed his schooling as a student of the Hindu High School, Triplicane, Madras and later joined the Vivekananda College located in Mylapore. In 1960, his father was transferred on promotion to Delhi and, Ravinder joined the Hindu College to complete his education. He was least interested in studies and his performance was ordinary throughout.

After graduating and studying Law from Agra University, Ravinder got an appointment in a bank in 1965 as a clerk. During his service period, at other than Delhi, he worked in branches situated in Sahibabad, Tinsukia, Panitola, Lucknow, Jammu, Srinagar and Raipur. On attaining the age of fifty-five years, he opted for voluntary retirement from bank service to pursue his interests. He was interested in – the study of the Rig Veda, the major Upanishads, Brahma Sutras and the Bhagwad Gita commenced when he was barely twelve years old b the study of Jyotisha Indian Astrology commenced around the same time and c continue with the writing of poems in the English language. His father was an Urdu poet who wrote Urdu poems and ghazals under the pseudonym Zia Fatehabadi, and was keenly interested in Vedic literature and thought. Ravinder considers his father as his true Guru. He adores his father.

Ravinder avoids writing long poems. He prefers writing short poems, he concurs with the opinion of late R.K.Narayan that “a short story here a poem can be brought into existence through a mere suggestion of detail, the focus is kept on a central idea or climax…within a broad climate of inherited culture there are endless variations…in outlook, habits and day to day philosophy”. His poems are realistic, simple, down to earth and uncomplicated. There is a faint touch of spirituality.

Though Ravinder does not prefer to be called a poet, he loves reading and writing poems. He has since published in ebook form a collection of his English poems, titled The Faded Dreams. His other published works are: -

a The Qat’at O Rubaiyat of Zia Fatehabadi – English translation of few quatrains of Zia Fatehabadi; published in 2012.

b Planets and their Yoga Formations – A treatise on Hindu Astrology and formation of planetary yogas and their impact; published in 2011.

c Pitfalls in Predicting Future Events – A methodical examination of errors and omissions while making astrological predictions published in 2013.

d The Illumination of Knowledge – A brief reflection on the role of Agni in the light of the Rig Veda; published in 2008.

e In Search of True Happiness – A collection of seven lengthy essays on Hindu Thought and Upanishadic philosophy; published in 2005.

f Meri Tasveer – A transliteration into Hindi of select Urdu poems of Zia
Fatehabadi; published in 2011.

Ever since, though settled in Delhi, he and his wife, Shakuntla, whom he married in 1973, prefer to live most of their time in the company of their only child, Aditya Soni born 1974 in Delhi, a Chartered
Accountant, his wife, Ruchi and grandson, Aniruddha born 2003 in Mumbai.

His youngest brother, Sushil Soni born 1956 in Madras, is also an English poet and writer and already has three published collections of his poems.

The Best Poem Of Ravinder Kumar Soni

My Tears

I have let my tears flow,
I cannot conceal them for long.
The pain already caused that I suffer,
Has become unbearable;
I have borne it for a long time,
Ever since I became aware
Of the world, I belong.
I cannot get rid of that pain,
The pain of my being;
The relief I seek
Only my death can provide.
Must I pray for my death?
After all, death is the only truth.
In the life of all beings,
It is the one-time experience,
Impossible to avoid.
In the meantime,
Allow me to shed my tears,
They must flow from my eyes;
My eyes should not be dry.

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Ravinder Kumar Soni Popularity

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