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1. Black Jack's Door 1/1/2013
2. Lyric In Search Of A Tune 1/1/2013
3. Diamond Mind Child Of The Highways 1/1/2013
4. Otherways 1/1/2013
5. Quatrain 1/1/2013
6. Murmurs 1/1/2013
7. Playing The Game 1/14/2013
8. The Passionate Felon To His Love 12/11/2012
9. The Stranger's Lament 12/11/2012
10. Closure On A Dream 12/11/2012
11. It's Mt 12/11/2012
12. Some Of The Time 12/12/2012
13. Cold Attic Scribble 12/12/2012
14. I Have Been Told 2/25/2013
15. Silver Unicorn 12/12/2012
16. Hymn For A New Age 12/12/2012
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Hymn For A New Age

The scars are on our valleys
The sewage in our streams
The smoke from motor engines
Kills air that no one cleans

Each field's full of pesticide
And all the crops are sprayed
Our greed's the only guide
When there's money to be made

The rainbows are in ruins
There's soot upon the sun
The only stars are neon
The birds are always dumb

The trees we climbed as children
The meadows where we played
All these are soon forgotten
When there's money to be made

We know we can't insure them
Their value can't be weighed
Yet we still go and...

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Some Of The Time

Some of the time
It meant more than I could say
So I'd try to find a way
To wrap it in rime
Some of the time

Some other time
It's not easy to forget
How we'd share a cigarette

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