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The fly
fights for it's life
to fly through
an invisible wall

He couldn't have been
more than eleven years old.
As innocent as Adam
as fiesty as Eve.

As the fly lay there
I watch over him
as if I were God.

I useto speak of death
as if it did not exist.
Five years old,
skies of blue with lollipops

It's very seldom
that I let anyone
get behind
these eys of mine.

It's been almost
two years now
since you first
caught my eye.

Decipher what her retinas say
when you recieve your first kiss.

Translate what the birds sing

He was strong man.
Strong as the
strongest man alive.
Both physically

Hundreds of birds,
maybe even thousands,
flying in my field
of vision

The young at heart
stay young at heart
their whole lives
and never

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Simple, lighthearted poetry, but poetry nonetheless. I would really really appreciate actual critisism instead of the spam comment with a 10 slapped on. I'f I feel you're being nice for a comment I won't comment back.)

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Smoking A Cigarette One Day

The fly
fights for it's life
to fly through
an invisible wall
to achieve freedom.
Not giving thanks
for the space it already has.

Ever so persistantly
it will bang itself
against what seems like
a forcefield
to relieve himself
from the prison
he got himself into.

After hours of fighting
the fly will nestle
into a corner
and wait to die.
Never achieving
the nirvana
known as freedom.

Mankind can
sure learn alot
from the mistakes
of the fly.

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