Martinez Salotori Poems

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Love For All

Living is loving; vice versa.
It should be love life
instead of a long life
because love life is full of goodness.

Love In Our Hearts Will Make Enmity Depart...

Love in our hearts will make enmity depart,
no ill-will can last when kindness starts,
God's presence shines bright, evil departs,
for hatred and anger have no place in our hearts,

Why Poems Are Held

For how long you can hold the fragrance
you cannot hold the light of sun for long
Come on who ever is in-charge
release my poetry for public.

Tanka - Ignited Passion

ignited passion
for writing small poetry
gone astray from thinking branch

Some Cry In The Name Of Karma

How innocent are they and how they conceive?
what you sow is what in the end you retrieve.
Yet, they remain aloof in the pond of life,
thinking water is calm and never rise,

Enmity - Rubaiyat

Enmity between the two reached zenith
where the one without knowing other
just want him to slide and reach the pit
and other struggle to keep upright altogether.

They Work For Others

In the absence of any shelter,
under the glaring sun,
they diligently continue their work,
drenched in their own sweat,

Parrot Out Of Cage ~

A parrot in his cage,
born there, he never flew.
Never seen the trees,
he remained alone and blue.

Love On Earth

Love, who enjoys to live and croon,
with sleepy eyes and tucked-in plume,
amidst the virgin foliage as they claim
deep down inside some dimming blame.

Haiku - Hope

from the mountain range
an eagle looks at, still pond
fishes jumps in joy

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