Parrot Out Of Cage ~ Poem by Martinez Salotori

Parrot Out Of Cage ~

Rating: 5.0

A parrot in his cage,
born there, he never flew.
Never seen the trees,
he remained alone and blue.

Alien to other parrots,
he longed to spread his wings.
But when he saw them fly,
he was too afraid to sing.

The cage was his comfort zone,
a shelter from the world outside.
So he stayed in his cage,
with his dreams left to subside.

But one day a kind hand,
opened up the cage door.
And he felt the wind beneath him,
as he soared and he flew some more.

With every flight he took,
his fear slowly faded away.
And he found his fellow parrots,
no longer alien to their way.

Free at last, he finally knew,
the joys of soaring in the skies.
No longer confined to his cage,
he could finally spread his wings and fly!

Monday, June 12, 2023
Topic(s) of this poem: flying
S H 12 June 2023

Good ending, normally it ends in pain.

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Sheeya Hacks 12 June 2023

Let free from all worries, great metaphor and symbolic poem using parrot and the cage you showed the way to gain freedom and enjoy the life.

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