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a reasonnet*

A'waiting once more the wonders at dawn,
a tired, empty muse paces the lawn

acrostic with a secret

Siesta - the time when every
Living mortal rests at mid-day.

blank verse, prayer

I am anxious and naturally I turn to you, my God.
I want your answer now but I am learning to wait in peace.

Do not wish on dandelions
makes a difference if you're Mayans.
Their winds blow through sacred tree,
the pod and seed.


spine poem, acrostic

subtitle: All That Glitters Is Not Gold

1. a partridge in a pear tree
Bird much loved for its tasty flesh,
of its spirit have we no thought?
Worship the Christ Child in the crèche

Subtitle: Boys Will Be Boys

Male internal combustion knock
has much to do with raw fuel.


mindless approach
two, eighteen, twenty, ten


traces of spring
dandelion bubble heads

a monchielle*

“I am all that you need.”
I detect a low voice,

Little girl child,
let me sing you a melody
a song to last
from now throughout eternity.

free verse

A dreadful assault
dulled their sense of sympathy

I hear the voice of Genesis
speaking words of creation…

Let it be – light, shine in darkness,

Sister Josephine, our neighborhood nun.

No longer fit for ministry;
although she's quit the nunnery,

Marguerite - a pearl of a name…

Could this be a latent
Margaret Thatcher,

a quatern

Shine on, Euterpe, cast your light.
I've not much time so please be brief.


hearts pound


Benediction, God's blessing of grace.
God grant that we should seek His face

sestet, ABCBDB

It is well-known that caterpillars
must gobble more and more each day

haiku series

chill in the air
newly naked branches

The Best Poem Of Reason A. Poteet

Writer's Block

a reasonnet*

A'waiting once more the wonders at dawn,
a tired, empty muse paces the lawn
struck dumb by notions refusing to spawn.
The new day arrives but dark does not lift,
an overcast sky now leaves her short shrift
as lab'rers head home from serving night shift.
Some fifteen young bards pass her toiling there
speaking but speeding away from her care
to places of rest, to places of prayer.
Five run to the woods, four break to a stroll,
three watch a mare giving birth to a foal,
two quarrel and bicker, one friend bares his soul.
All busy with life these bards quickly pen
scores of sonnets read again and again.

A reasonnet is my private version of the sonnet form with the rhyming pattern, aaa, bbb, ccc, ddd, ee

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