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Why do Dreams just fly away,
When ya just don't want them to?
Why do Feelings disappear,
Oh what did I ever do?

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I was born in Michigan where both of my Parents were also born. At approximately a year old, my Parents moved myself and my older two siblings to Texas, where we were raised, along with a new sibling 7 years later. As a child, I was constantly using my imagination on a daily basis! I had friends but, honestly for play I didn't always have a 'need' for another companion to keep me company during playtime as, I was able to keep myself occupied through my mind, which was always coming up with one thing or another to get the ol' creative juices stirring! If I wasn't creating an imaginative scenery w/ my different types of toys, then I was writing short stories or coming up with ideas for stories which I would then store in the back of my mind (some still awaiting to be let out and put on paper!) . Half-way through Jr. High, I realized how much I loved rhyming words and, through my newly discovered emotions from 'crushes' and such, I began to write Love Poetry...some I dreamed of turning into lyrics one day! I was married in my early 20's and soon began a wonderful family! We now have 4 wonderful kids and, even though divorce unfortunately laid it's ugly hand on our family... we have since learned to become friends and live in a much happier world w/ our children! I was able to get in a few years of College for Commercial Art due to my other interest...which was drawing! For a long time, I truly did believe my only calling was art but, after a LONG break from writing and more recently coming back to it...I have discovered a NEW Love for writing! I am now working on building up different subjects of Poetry and trying to teach myself more about Poetry. Soon, I hope to have enough Poetry to possibly enter into a poetry book of my own creation, illustrations included as well. I also started my first book which is based on a bedtime story my younger two Children and I started taking turns telling one another on a nightly basis. Both my Children and I all came up with the idea of turning it into a Fantasy/Fiction! I have written a bit into this book but, not enough to begin showing it off! ! I honestly believe it's going to be a great contribution for readers of all kinds! ! ! In conclusion: Here I am...still, years down the road from where I first began...dreaming of a life for my Children, a life I was not able to have as a Parent's weren't able to have as Children...dreaming that through my own God-Given Talents, I will be able to break that chain and they will be able to finish College and make something HUGE out of their own dreams :) ! ! ! We ALL have them...why not use them? ? :) !)

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Romancing The…dreams?

Why do Dreams just fly away,
When ya just don't want them to?
Why do Feelings disappear,
Oh what did I ever do?
Oh Why...
Oh Why do I HURT so bad?
When I really loved U True?
Why did you HURT me so,
with all I felt for you? !
So, tell me,
what part of me was wrong,
To make you wander on?
Was it because no longer did I,
make your world go ‘Round?
Could it be that maybe you,
still don't understand?
The ONLY thing I wanted was,
for BOTH of us to stand.
was I maybe not good enough,
To Grace your every day?
How can you Blame ME for loneliness,
When confusion just got in the way?
WHY DID U tell me I need no one?
When I only needed you?
U told me,
“So sorry for YOUR loneliness”,
Then you turn around & pursue?
Oh, why oh why did I believe,
why did U bring me HERE?
When ALL I EVER needed from you,
Was for you to draw me near’.

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Rebecca Martin Popularity

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