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Rebecca Ryan Poems

1. Word Cinquain 5/7/2009
2. Limerick 5/9/2009
3. At Least I'M Talkin' To You Vs.1 And Chorus 5/9/2009
4. At Least I'M Talkin' To You Vs.2 And Chorus 5/9/2009
5. At Least I'M Talkin' To You Vs.3 And Chorus 2 5/9/2009
6. What Should You Do When....? 8/23/2009
7. What In The World Have I Done? 8/31/2009
8. Food Is My Friend 9/7/2009
9. You'Re The Only One For Me 9/25/2009
10. You Said... 9/25/2009
11. What Would We Do Without Dogs? 9/26/2009
12. Wish That He Was Mine 3/12/2011
13. My Boys And My Girls 3/12/2011
14. You'Re Stealin' 3/12/2011
15. I Want You For Christmas 3/12/2011
16. Country Girl (At Heart) 3/12/2011
17. To My Best Friend 3/12/2011
18. From My Heart And Me 3/13/2011
19. Mysterious 3/13/2011
20. Betrayed 3/13/2011
21. I Don'T Need You 3/13/2011
22. A Great Start 3/13/2011
23. I Want A Pick-Up Man 4/22/2011
24. Cuddled Up At Night! 4/22/2011
25. My Angel 4/22/2011
26. I'M On My Way 9/3/2011
27. Poem 10/8/2011
28. I Scream 2/4/2012
29. A Man's Best Friend 2/10/2012
30. This Life 2/10/2012
31. Everyday 2/10/2012
32. I Had A Vampire 6/18/2012
33. First 4 Stanzas Of My Version Of 'The Raven' By E. A. Poe 2/15/2012
34. My Inspiration 3/13/2011
35. Take Me Back Home 3/12/2011
36. It's As Easy As 1,2,3 3/12/2011
37. If I Were In Charge Of The World (My Version) 7/10/2009
38. Friendly Letter Song - Tune Of 'The Brady Bunch Theme Song' 9/8/2009
39. Together Again (I Love The Way...) 9/26/2009
40. You Should Be Mine 3/13/2011

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Best Poem of Rebecca Ryan

A Dream Is A Dream

A dream is a dream.
Some dreams can come true,
and some cannot.
How you attempt to achieve that goal,
your dream, it is up to you.

A dream is a dream.
Some are based on things that have happened.
Some are what you wish to happen.
We've all heard the song, 'A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes.'
That is true.

A dream is a dream.
It can come true if you just believe.
Believe in your heart,
Believe in your soul,
Believe that you CAN achieve your goal.
And that dream WILL come true.

A dream is a dream.

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He Doesn'T Love Me

vs.1 The way you look at me,
It's a magical feeling.
When I'm with you,
There's nothin' I'm fearing.
Oh, I wish I could say
The same for him,
But he's not mine,
And I'll tell them:

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