I Am Always Late For School (Not Really) Poem by Rebecca Ryan

I Am Always Late For School (Not Really)

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I am always late for school;
The reason why is obvious.
I am always in the pool,
So much, it is obnoxious.

When I don't get there on time,
The teachers there get mad.
But if I could read and rhyme,
Surely they'd be glad.

I don't know why I do this,
But I don't think it's a crime
To be late again and again,
And again from time to time.

I am always late for school,
It drives the teachers crazy.
They tell me not to be a fool,
But I'm not, I'm just lazy!

Philip Winchester 25 September 2009

Rebecca, Why not go to school exactly one day and one hour earlier in Cyber time, Then in real time you would have caught up with yourself writing another Poem. You have a clever way with words, tell your teacher I said so.I must know. Kind Regards Philip

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Frank James Ryan Jr...fjr 11 September 2009

Now you're cookin...and on your own stove with your own ingredients! Very nice flow. I tell you, how i wish i had started writing at 12. My daughter started at 7, She has about a dozen poems on this site from when she was 9-12 years old. She is 16 now & working on a book of Childrens short stories.If you are interested in reading her, search either Lauren Marie Ryan or Lauren Marie Elizabeth Ryan. Good job here, Rebecca! FjR

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Rebecca Ryan

Rebecca Ryan

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