Regan Galloway

Regan Galloway Poems

1. A Father's Love 6/23/2012
2. A New Day 6/26/2012
3. When I Get To Heaven 6/26/2012
4. The Voices I Hear 7/3/2012
5. A Choice 7/6/2012
6. A Short Time 7/6/2012
7. There's A Guy In My Class 7/20/2012
8. Deep Water 7/30/2012
9. You 8/2/2012
10. Your Blind 9/14/2012
11. Mr. Riddle 10/14/2012
12. Super Guy 10/15/2012
13. The Life Puzzle 10/18/2012
14. Worth The While 12/3/2012
15. Rap #1 12/10/2012
16. 'Special To Me' 12/10/2012
17. What You Mean To Me 7/13/2013
18. Salkehatchie 7/13/2013
19. Far Apart 3/18/2014
20. Time For Everything 6/10/2013
21. A New Life 9/14/2012
22. What To Do? 8/2/2012
23. Your Fake Love 6/27/2012
24. Love Me Little, Love Me Long 12/20/2013
25. I Miss You 7/29/2012
26. 'Remember' 11/22/2013
27. A Different Kind Of Love 6/25/2012
Best Poem of Regan Galloway

A Different Kind Of Love

It is a kind of love that not many can see.
It makes me always want to be me.
It's a kind of love thats for everyone,
It's not just for fun.

His love is greater than all the lands,
His love is bigger than all the sands.
His heart is warmer than any blanket,
His spirit is brighter than any anklet.

This love is different,
as you can see.
So no one can stop me,
from being me.


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Your Fake Love

Your love for me was fake.
I knew for a long time.
You never answered my letters,
you never even called to say I love you.

Your love for me is fake.
I saw you with her.
She was perfect you thought.

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