Bri Edwards Retirement Poems

Peter was the leader of "Peter's Pumpkin Eaters".
They rode from town-to-town on Harleys (two-seaters) .
They worked the "speed-eating circuit" from the Atlantic to the Pacific,
eating mostly pies along the way; some were OK and some terrific.

It's true, as someone recently suggested, that I, Bri, have a pretty nice life.
Of course I might not feel like I have to continue continuing my life if it weren't that I have a wife.
And not just ANY wife; you understand? The one I have now is very special.
That bears repeating (especially since I can think of no other rhyme) . My wife is VERY SPECIAL.


This beautiful day I sit on patio, .... which my wife may enclose.
I hope I'll enjoy the birds as much, and feel wind when it blows.
A little plane in the distance hums; my wife thinks they're crazy.
I've done most of day's exercises; now I'm being 'lazy'.