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Ah, sweet melody
Upon the petals translucent

Your lovely notes with luscious wings

Autumn leaves,
Golden trees,
Shed their cares

And I'll love her,
While the moon shines,
Cause some things never change,
Some things never change,

We were weaved
By the undulant music

We were weaved

When she comes around,
With her Beauty and love,

The sky,

Like the seashells,
The women upon the shore,
Are damp with love

Her hair sings,
in the evening light,
Evening bell,
Of her Grace,

Evening star,
Kissing the curvatures,
The lucid Hips of the moon

Warm breeze, waves,
Comforting, She's
Pretty as an island

upon her rose bosom,
The warm milk
Of her beauty,

There's something,
About her sway,

There's something,

The lady with the exotic face,
Is filled with honey and sighs,
She dances with nostalgic,
Flamenco rhythms,

Sway with her,
In her exotic stillness,
The moon is a meadow,
Of lost and luminous dreams,

In her dress of love,
Sweet as the stars above,

She is naked as a rose,
In the dress of autumn,
Sunbeams Bathes
Her sweet bosom,

I'm not even sure if she's heard
My song though I've heard hers
Since the stars were young

The tambourine
In the evening wind

She's lovelier,
Than the candles glow,
In Autumn's fur embrace
Reynaldo Casison

In between evenings,
The salsa of her Beauty,
Keeps the stars glowing,

She felt like autumn
In her red dress,
Though she was hot
As a beach and summer,

Reynaldo Casison Biography

Reynaldo Casison is the author of a poets quest for the eternal flower, I dream a lucid beauty, and songs of pleasures and longing)

The Best Poem Of Reynaldo Casison

Sweet Melody

Ah, sweet melody
Upon the petals translucent

Your lovely notes with luscious wings
Soar to moon's sacrosanct clime
Where dreams unwind

Through the clouds
Through the majesty
of waves
The moon caresses
It's lonesome doves
And weary gardens

Ah, sweet melody
Moon drenched

Your lovely notes adept wings
Dream sweetly
Dream sweetly upon petals translucent
Moon blessed

Reynaldo Casison

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Reynaldo Casison Quotes

'I want to kiss the soul of your beauty Like the diamond strewn waves In summertime' Reynaldo Casison

'In your irises the lavender is symphony' Reynaldo Casison

'She's like the rain She's like the rain Sensuous In her translucence Generous in her balm' Reynaldo Casison

'It is that luminous Thy fullness of blush is that of exotic flowers' Reynaldo Casison

'My starry goddess You are laid back As a veranda Of replenishing dream' Reynaldo Casison

'Kissed with gratitude There you sway The beatific pines bow like awed roses' Reynaldo Casison

'I could see it in your gaze The moonlights song' Reynaldo Casison

'The stars dream upon thy lap like gardens' Reynaldo Casison

'Every night you sing Even the stars ache With mellow melodies' Reynaldo Casison

'You dancing in the sunrays is how I remember thee The seagulls flying in there symphony and adoration' Reynaldo Casison

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