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161. Cobblestone 3/31/2019
162. Graduations Past 6/13/2011
163. Down On The Chicken Farm 4/10/2011
164. Playing Ball On The Lawn 5/25/2011
165. The Old Grist Mill 10/22/2010
166. Memories Of My Mother From Youth 4/30/2010
167. The Glassblower 11/23/2009
168. Good-Bye 2008 12/29/2008
169. Go-Cart 8/26/2008
170. Yellow 10/10/2008
171. Autumns Calling 10/12/2008
172. Orange 10/10/2008
173. A Gaffer's Glory 7/19/2008
174. A July Night 7/19/2008
175. School's Day End 7/19/2008
176. Muskegon River 8/10/2009
177. Williamston 6/28/2010
178. Heart Of Glass 3/22/2011
179. Golden Wheat 7/23/2012
180. April 7/19/2008
181. Inner Struggle 7/19/2008
182. My Life With Oprah 5/25/2011
183. Family Picnic 9/7/2009
184. A Fall's In Maui's Bamboo Forest 6/1/2011
185. Your Smile 5/18/2009
186. The Reflection Off A Wedding Band 7/10/2012
187. Fall Canvas 10/6/2011
188. A Pirate's Booty (Halloween) 10/24/2011
189. Broken 8/7/2015
190. Richard Lee Smith 8/4/2014
191. A Baker Christmas 7/19/2008
192. Bottled Emotion 7/19/2008
193. Fallen Angel 10/14/2008
194. A World Of Music 11/2/2009
195. Empty Nest 9/7/2009
196. Witches Witches 10/11/2008
197. April's Spring 4/9/2010
198. Blizzard Causes Snow Day 12/1/2011
199. Winter /Spring Tug Of War 3/30/2009
200. Michigan Mosquito Mayhem 8/16/2011

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A Balancing Act

Life is a balance of work and play
A constant balance between night and day
The balance between good and bad
A balance between happy and sad
Friends and family, pets and the lawn
Twenty four seven, your whole life long
Then one day in the middle of the night
Your thrown off balance, nothing seems right
What once was, is no longer the norm
Your left in turmoil in the eye of a storm
You struggle to regain control in your life
To make sense again, turn wrong into right
To define the person you are now
To make it through life, some way, some how
On auto ...

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The Fourth

Independence day, a day to celebrate freedom; in all of it's glory
To remember our country's long long story
A day to be with our family and friends
To forget about work and all of life trends
To just sit back, like an old hound dog
Or like my Mom would say ' a bump on a log'
To sit in the sun and while away the day
To be like a child and simply play
Free to do just as you please

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