Rhonda Baker Poems

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A Balancing Act

Life is a balance of work and play
A constant balance between night and day
The balance between good and bad
A balance between happy and sad

August Sun

The birth of August is upon us, as the fair haired sun rises in the sky
With songs of the cicada unwinding, the sand hill Cranes sail by
The heat is hovering all around us, we feel heavy in it's grip
To break free from it's bonds, from it's clutches we must rip


Purple of a grape ripe on the vine
The purple from a robe, from a majestic time
Purple mountain majesty, high up in the sky
Purple of a butterfly, just passing by


A new day is dawning; the winds of change are in the air
All our burdens have been lifted… Our lives are without care?
Our country is a team; that's made up of you and I
We can't put it on one man, just to simplify

A Moment In Paradise

Hiking up to Twin Falls with my flip flops on
Living a dream I have dreamt for so long
It was farther then I thought
Some locals helped to find what I had sought


Angels descend to the ground
Spreading Love all around
Roses, diamonds and a warm embrace
A heart on my palm, you now trace

No Place To Hide

The dark is a coming will I make it another day?
Sleep won't come and the days on replay
My heart is so brittle, threatening to break all-apart
No adhesive made to mend this little heart

Winter /Spring Tug Of War

Winter, like a bad penny you keep turning up
With your cold wind and snow you’re so abrupt
RELEASE your grip and move along!
I’m tried of this weather game of ping-pong

Blizzard Causes Snow Day

The blizzard is coming, the blizzard is coming, and the blizzard is here
School has been canceled, the children raise up a cheer
Sleds unpacked, boots scarves and skates
Going to the sled hill, this days gonna be great!

April's Spring

Tiny green shoots break from their earthly bond
Bringing tulips, hyacinths for which we’re fond
Magnolia trees and weeping cherry
Vivid white and pinks so merry

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