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1. (not Beyond) Alone 5/13/2012
2. (not Sure) What's In Store 5/13/2012
3. (one Will) As Low 5/13/2012
4. (so Many) Silent Screams 5/13/2012
5. (won'T Ya) Let Me Be Who I Wannabe 5/13/2012
6. A Cry 5/13/2012
7. (uniquely) Feeling Tight 5/13/2012
8. (she's The Reason) I Frown 5/13/2012
9. (can'T Be) Right 5/13/2012
10. (like That) Pose 5/13/2012
11. (lonely) Scream 5/13/2012
12. (never So) Right 5/13/2012
13. (ever Near To) Lying 5/13/2012
14. (every) Warning 5/13/2012
15. (falling Today) As Less Smart 5/13/2012
16. (feelin') The Strain 5/13/2012
17. (getting) Sorrows 5/13/2012
18. (gonna Omit) A Tease 5/13/2012
19. (heart Still) Shatters 5/13/2012
20. (heart) Prison 5/13/2012
21. (here Comes) The Pain 5/13/2012
22. (kind Of) Drug 5/13/2012
23. (lacking Sense Of) Gloss 5/13/2012
24. (leaving Me) With A Gloom 5/13/2012
25. (left No) Reason 5/13/2012
26. (i Wish Ya Knew) That I Love You 5/13/2012
27. (like A) Knife 5/13/2012
28. (hitting A) Sack 5/13/2012
29. (always) Newly Sinking 5/13/2012
30. (as) You Dare 5/13/2012
31. (i'M Sore) Once More 5/13/2012
32. (if Love Isn'T So Real) Then I Need A Plan 5/13/2012
33. (difficulty When Low) Transpired 5/13/2012

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(difficulty When Low) Transpired

Difficulty when low transpired
Difficulty when seeing every cup
Difficulty when getting fired
Difficulty when to act further tough

Difficulty when everything gets me so tired
Difficulty when everything seems so nought
Difficulty when everything always is now fired
Difficulty when everything forgets so taught

Yet now I had tried to tell you so, so
Guess you're why I'm derailing
Similar ways leave me to fall without a peek
No chance of losing my cup

Yet you're why I'm still failing
Not gonna deny why you deny every old peek
Even if you have ...

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(every) Warning

No way of trying to find who to be.
No way leaves such a bad old cause
A memory shall now twirl

Even though it happens as every warning
Letting you just push me to my final limit
Like trying to break myself ever free
So that's what it's like for every warning

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