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I am just a pile of bones.
I died in late September.
Calcium that no one owns.
My name? I can't remember.

Skeletons are deadly serious.
That's what some have said.
But that's a lie; that's just not us.
We're seriously dead!

I will try to kill the rumor
With my favorite Halloween joke
That skeletons have no sense of humor.
You may laugh- but please don't choke!

Why didn't the skeleton cross the road
Full of bumps and ruts?
He didn't cross the road because...
He didn't have the guts!

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Final Solution

How did this happen?
Only a year ago
Laughing, loving, living. Sudden
Occupation by men of evil intent.
Cast into boxcars like animals.
Assaulted and beaten by soldiers.
Unable to stand, to move, to think.
Time ends.