Richard Elwes

Richard Elwes Poems

1. The Melting Waters Move 1940 5/30/2003
2. Poland 5/31/2003
3. She Was Not Invited To Dine 6/2/2003
4. April 27th 4/26/2003
5. After 6/4/2003
6. Far Away In The Evening 5/22/2003
7. Seven Days Leave 6/4/2003
8. These Faithfull Verses 5/13/2003
9. I Have No Conflict 5/12/2003
10. I Saw The Broad Reflective Brow 6/4/2003
11. British Cemetery /First Poems 4/24/2003
12. Love Story 4/25/2003
13. On The Way Overseas 4/24/2003
14. Finland Snows March 1940 4/30/2003
15. Inexpressible Words 5/1/2003
16. Are You Forgotten 5/8/2003
17. Remembrance Of My Love 6/5/2003
18. I Have Been Greeted By Long Absent Friends 5/22/2003
19. Dunkirk, May 1940 4/28/2003

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Best Poem of Richard Elwes

Are You Forgotten

Are you forgotten? Yes, I think you are,
Forgotten with most other lovely things,
Since but a stifled echo, faint and far,
Is all distracted recollection brings.
For busy nothings have obsessed my days,
Crowding the private places of my mind,
And every eager, starving sense decays
In seeking vainly where it may not find.
But when the tedious, empty clamour dies,
And sleep, your pity-laden messenger,
Stoops with her lips upon my closing eyes,
And Night’s dark players make their
Entrance, where
The shadowy stage of dreams is dimly set,
Then I ...

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Seven Days Leave

At last I look across the wold
and take my fill of Dale and Glen,
where copse and spinney, field and fold
are fettled by the Yorkshiremen,
and England, green and red and gold,
gathers me to her heart again.

Sledmere, Autumn,1940

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