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1. In Just A Minute 7/21/2007
2. My Cat's Fur 8/11/2007
3. A Poet In Heaven 8/18/2007
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9. Poetry As Therapy 11/17/2007
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17. My Computer Whiz 1/8/2007
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20. A New Year Is Coming 12/10/2008
21. Don'T Read Under The Covers 1/25/2007
22. Heart Of A Dragon 3/20/2011
23. When A Cat Loves You! 3/24/2008
24. I Made A Friend Today 6/16/2007
25. A Kitty Cat Heaven 9/13/2007

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A Kitty Cat Heaven

When a cat dies and it goes up to heaven,
What about the two lives plus seven?
(A hard way to rhyme but you see,
I had trouble with heaven so let it be)

Anyway does it get to see the other lives,
Will they have harps and what of kitty wives?
When they get to heaven now I'm in a dither,
Will all the streets be made of Kitty litter?

Will there be mice to chase for eternity?
Or will they just lay around in serenity?
I don't have all the answers I know,
But this is true my cat told me so,

There will be humans there with big laps,

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I Made A Friend Today

I made a friend today she's as pretty as can be,
Her name I don't remember, she is a friend to me.
She doesn't have to pretty or do hefty deeds,
As long as she listens to my poems, a friend indeed.

I made a friend today his name I do not even know
But a friend he will always be because I said it's so
He doesn't race around in cars or put on a show,
He reads my stuff and that's all I need to know.

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