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Creeping Mortality - A Sonnet

I had a spinal shot today, Oh my:
It passed by quickly, merciful it was
Though not a pleasant thing - it does
Me good, or so they tell me, bye and bye!

Ponderosa Pines

Having no interest
in resolving my life's pain,
Ponderosa pines...
towering far above me,

What Means Faith?

Looking back I see my faith has changed,
From one of fear and promises unkept:
My erstwhile faith I've staunchly overlept,
Spurning the lies of gurus half deranged.

Spring At Last! A Sonnet

March is finally spent, and what a ride!
Through unexpected snow and ice I've slogged:
To Mother Nature my complaint I've lodged
In hopes that winter lastly will subside!

A Temporary Blessing

Spring is now a halcyon day today,
The temperature just right, the sun is shining,
The birds and bees are busily at work, dining,
The flowers soaking every available ray!

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Richard St. Clair is a widely performed composer of modern classical music with over 200 compositions to his credit in all major genres, many of which can be heard on YouTube. But he is also an accomplished poet, excelling in haiku and tanka (waka) from the Japanese tradition and Western fixed forms such as sonnet, cinquain, triolet and sestina. He resides in Massachusetts (USA) .

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