Ricky M Poems

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Thoughts In My Mind.

Standing on the shore of relationships
I see the waves of love turning up
One by one and then diminishing
Going deep to the base

I Am On Second Sky

I am on the second sky,
fragrance carries persona;
face livens up and glows
love floats like a lotus -

Troll ~ A Social Media Weapon

Social media has bridged the gap
and world has become a global village
people have utilised this platform
to write and communicate effectively

Zoom In, Zoom Out

There is still uncertainty, far from all concerns.
Life is too short to battle and hide the unjust.
When a mango is ripe, it will fall from the tree.
Zoom in on the desirable things and zoom out on the undesirable.

In The Library Of Love ❤️

I often wander the library of love,
with shelves full of books to take me home,
each cover and spine full of stories to tell,
of love's sweet triumphs and battles.

Towards The End Of The Horizon

Towards the end of the horizon,
the sunset looks so bright.
but there's one thing you should realize,
It's not always a pretty sight,

When The Sun Shines On The Seashore.

For nature's beauty is on full display,
When the sun shines on the shore this way,
The sand heats up and is warm to touch,
While the seagulls squawk and lounge as such,

Don't Take His Advice.

Rationally irrational,
He thought with precision,
But his actions in reality,
Were met with derision.

Hurt But Alive

Hurt but alive, I stand tall
battered and bruised, but I won't fall
my heart may ache, my soul may cry
but I'll keep pushing, I'll never die

A Twisted Mind Rarely Flourishes.

A twisted mind rarely flourishes -
Dusts are transported away by winds.
The gloom flees when the sun comes out.
Waves produce a loud roar as they approach the coast.

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