Francis Duggan Rights Poems

Of Your Feelings On Human Rights

Of your feelings on human rights never leave others in doubt
Of wrongs against others one ought to speak out
To those who abuse others rights let your feelings be known
Them for their behaviour you ought to disown

Abuse Of Human Rights

Abuse of Human Rights is a thing that's Worldwide
And many who think they have God on their side
Would need for to clean the windows to their soul
They see torture only as human control

Rabbits Rights

It is true human rights should be for everyone
But as for rabbits rights there has never been none
Between myxomatosis and clavixal virus and being poisoned, snared and shot
At the hands of human beings they have suffered a lot

The Nations With Good Human Rights

It is not it's wealth or military power that makes a Country great
No it's the Nations with good Human rights we ought to celebrate
Where people are not persecuted for speaking their minds or for their religion, gender or race
The Country with good Human rights deserve to be in a more

So Much For Human Rights And Liberty

In China they jail everyone who dare to speak their mind
And even in the so called Democratic Countries you will find
That many innocents have been jailed and even executed wrongfully
So much for human rights and liberty.

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