The Nations With Good Human Rights Poem by Francis Duggan

The Nations With Good Human Rights

Rating: 1.0

It is not it's wealth or military power that makes a Country great
No it's the Nations with good Human rights we ought to celebrate
Where people are not persecuted for speaking their minds or for their religion, gender or race
The Country with good Human rights deserve to be in a more
exalted place

Than a much bigger Country with greater military power who does not respect human rights
Yet even in their own communities those with compassion and a sense of a fair go are not seen as leading lights
And though that money speaks all languages may seem quite sad to say
Without it one seems irrelevant in the World of today.

I'll drink a toast to the Government of any Nation whether it be great or small
That upholds the basic human right of a fair go for all
Of it's people of every race and creed and gender such a Nation is great
Their's is the sort of society that we ought to celebrate.

It is not it's wealth or military might about a Nation that we ought to admire
Though amongst many it does seem that such things awe does inspire
For those who rule the Country those they respect out of fear
Any criticism of their regime they cannot bear to hear.

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