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poems are the ONLY way by which i can truly express my thoughts and feelings.

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Make A Wish

Just be free, just let go
c'mon make a wish, it may come true
Do all the things you want to do
because that's what you really have to do

Start A New Life

the brightest star of my sky
a giggle of girls
a babble of butterflies
one truth but so many lies

We'Ll Dream

Close your eyes and visualize
anything you want, whatever you need
eventhough just in your dreams
atleast you can feel you can breathe you can live


Rhymed were our lives from the start,
But our ignorance made it fall apart.
Now riven we tread on these lost sands.
Missing parts of us, yet we stand.


You say 'at your will',
But your words hold no meaning.
The fabric is of lies, truth just frills.
And the crown is on everyone but the king.

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