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Did You Love Me?

When i squeeze your warm hands
my heart warms up
and i’ve got to blush
cause the smile you’re smiling is

On The Way To 'Forever'

We head for things that don't change
people are weak
that day that my feelings got hurt
I couldnt fake my strength

Why Do We Say It?

I'm not feeling 'sorry' at all
So I don't let those words flow out of my mouth
Is that a bad thing? Is it not fare?
Is that why I'm hated so much?

Are You Ever Saying Sorry?

No mater how hard you try
You can't push him away
No matter how hard you try
You can't forget about him

Bursting Out

You wanna get out of there
You can't take it anymore
The blood, The tears
Your hands are all bruised

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