Rishi Kaul Poems

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I reach out my hand.
To feel the clouded emptiness.
And grasp the clefts of a void.
Fighting struggling and writhing in pain.

The Exile

He passed from life to hereafter softly
Bereft of anxieties and the aches of life
A life well lived and a dignified end
As mourners recalled his moments of life

An Ode To The Little One...

Feeble Cries
Shrill notes
Stars and planets
Another fate He wrote

The Hush

A discerning quiet prevails between the shores of our minds.
Like the morning calm which lulls on a beach,
Ravaged by an unforgiving storm all night.
Thoughts which rankle with memories of yore. Sights which look the same but yet no more.

Sounds Of Solitude

There's a deafening noise.

In those solemn moments of silence

Love Of Ages

In a different time and a different place. Through twists and turns.
And quirks of fate. When I meet you and you meet me.
Hand in hand.
Face to face.

Did You Hear Me Cry

I passed from silence to heavenly shrieks
As a new world welcomed me in its arms
An umbilical bridge still holding two lives
And two souls breathed as one for the last time


A new mutiny has ripped open my age old scars again
And lush gold fields have been stained by shadows of shame
A tense morning air greets the early risers
And sinister evening gales bring home ominous tidings

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