F#lawless Poem by Rishi Kaul


A new mutiny has ripped open my age old scars again
And lush gold fields have been stained by shadows of shame
A tense morning air greets the early risers
And sinister evening gales bring home ominous tidings
Carrying the stink of a murder and rape not far away and fresh
And stories of lost footsteps that never reached home
Stories denied and forgotten in the grief of helplessness
Tell tale signs of yet another name for a dusty register
My trees now bear the bodies of young girls as low hanging fruits
Necks and hearts broken before they are plucked for rituals by brutes
The land of the great mutiny has again sounded the bugle
Only this time for waging a war against its own self
An epidemic which has chosen the female gender as it's host
Leaving a trail of defiled and mutilated victims in its wake
Painting towns a grisly red for its own lusty sake
It's a battle that unchecked is putting on the colour of a war
Blazing its trail to cities and a capital not afar
My heroes have fallen silent as the lust ravages my daughters
And the yoke of illicit powers grows larger in shady government quarters
Dead are the vigilantes
Buried the laws of this holy land
As the silent bells of justice proclaim
It's time to detach the word Mother from Land.

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