Rising Morning Star

Rising Morning Star Poems

1. Over Dose 8/7/2009
2. I Will Never Let You Die 8/7/2009
3. Fire Place 8/7/2009
4. Emotions 8/7/2009
5. My Lips Never Speak 8/7/2009
6. Is He A Dream 8/7/2009
7. Like A Killer On The Run 8/7/2009
8. Like A Ghost 8/7/2009
9. Deny 8/7/2009
10. Jack Frost 8/7/2009
11. Against The Wall 8/8/2009
12. Illusion Of The Heart 8/8/2009
13. Emotional Intoxication 8/7/2009
14. I Wanna Sleep Forever 8/7/2009
15. Profound Simplicity (Beautiful Creation) 8/7/2009
16. Raging Inside You 8/7/2009
17. Reflection 8/7/2009
18. Let Me See You Suffer (Battle With The Darkness) 8/7/2009

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Let Me See You Suffer (Battle With The Darkness)


Let me see you suffer, Let me break you down,
Let me lift you up, to slam you to the ground,
Let me cut you with this knife, I wanna make you bleed,
Let me see you cry, I wanna hear you plead
Let me see you suffer, Let me see you drown,
I wanna drive you crazy, When no one is around...


You'll never see me suffer, For I am way too strong,
You'll never break me down, You know that you are wrong,
I'll never hear you voice, And you will not succeed,
And in the end not I, But only you will bleed...


Let ...

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Fire Place

My ever burning fire place, I can feel the heat as is caresses my face, I can smell the sent of the sizzling lumber as it awakens my emotions from an extended slumber.

All senses awakened I can now feel your warm embrace, forever burning forever passionate my ever burning fire place. I now feel a sensation such as I have never felt, the icy cage that once held me has began to melt.

Cover me in your blanket of warmth, wrap me in such a way, that it revitalizes the warmth within me that lo

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