Robert Burns

(1759-1796 / Ayrshire / Scotland)

Robert Burns Poems

121. Ballad On Mr. Heron's Election—no. 2 11/15/2014
122. Epistle To John Maxwell, Esq., Of Terraughty 11/15/2014
123. Song—blythe Hae I Been On Yon Hill 11/15/2014
124. Song—kellyburn Braes 11/15/2014
125. Song—such A Parcel Of Rogues In A Nation 11/15/2014
126. Song—out Over The Forth 11/15/2014
127. Song—down The Burn, Davie Love 11/15/2014
128. Prayer—o Thou Dread Power 11/15/2014
129. Song—to Daunton Me 11/15/2014
130. Song—highland Harry Back Again 11/15/2014
131. What Can A Young Lassie Do Wi' An Auld Man? 11/15/2014
132. Song—my Native Land Sae Far Awa 11/15/2014
133. I'Ll Go And Be A Sodger 11/15/2014
134. Here's His Health In Water 11/15/2014
135. Song—my Nanie's Awa 11/14/2014
136. Song—the Rigs O' Barley 11/14/2014
137. Scots Prologue For Mr. Sutherland 11/14/2014
138. The First Six Verses Of The Ninetieth Psalm Versified 11/14/2014
139. Here's To Thy Health, My Bonie Lass 11/11/2014
140. Epitaph For Mr. W. Cruickshank 11/6/2014
141. The Five Carlins: An Election Ballad 11/6/2014
142. O Leave Novels! 11/6/2014
143. Where Are The Joys I Have Met 10/27/2014
144. Epistle To Mrs. Scott Of Wauchope House 10/27/2014
145. Saw You My Dear, My Philly 10/27/2014
146. O Aye My Wife She Dang Me 10/27/2014
147. The Calf 10/25/2014
148. Inscription For An Alter Of Independence 10/25/2014
149. Fickle Fortune: A Fragment 10/25/2014
150. Epigram On Dr. Babington's Looks 10/25/2014
151. Sylvander To Clarinda 10/25/2014
152. Epitaph On A Henpecked Squire 10/25/2014
153. The Bonie Lass Of Albany 10/25/2014
154. The Dean Of Faculty: A New Ballad 10/25/2014
155. Reply To An Announcement By J. Rankine 10/25/2014
156. Thou Gloomy December 10/25/2014
157. The Kirk Of Scotland's Alarm: A Ballad 10/25/2014
158. Epigram On Miss Davies 10/25/2014
159. The Jolly Beggars: A Cantata 10/24/2014
160. Pegasus At Wanlockhead 10/24/2014

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    Thank you for this

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  • Sandra MacLean (9/17/2018 10:22:00 AM)

    My grandfather Kennedy used to play around Robbie Burns' cottage.

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  • Alex McD (8/15/2018 2:19:00 PM)

    My father sang red red rose to my mother on their wedding day in 1963 and I read it to my wife on our wedding day at Edinburgh castle in 1998

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  • Ruta Mohapatra Ruta Mohapatra (7/3/2018 12:33:00 PM)

    ' A red, red rose' is my favorite Burns poem. So romantic!

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    About wonder things like roses

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    Sounds like a versión of the Selkirk Grace

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  • Wayne Kelder (3/19/2018 6:13:00 PM)

    My father-in-law used to recite a poem every thanksgiving about we have food and we have drink and so the Lord we thanketh. Does anyone know if that is Robert Burns?

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Best Poem of Robert Burns

A Man's A Man For A' That

Is there for honesty poverty
That hings his head, an' a' that;
The coward slave - we pass him by,
We dare be poor for a' that!
For a' that, an' a' that,
Our toils obscure an' a' that,
The rank is but the guinea's stamp,
The man's the gowd for a' that.

What though on hamely fare we dine,
Wear hoddin grey, an' a' that?
Gie fools their silks, and knaves their wine,
A man's a man for a' that.
For a' that, an' a' that,
Their tinsel show, an' a' that,
The honest man, tho' e'er sae poor,
Is king o' men for a' that.

Ye see yon ...

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To A Louse

On Seeing One on a Lady's Bonnet at Church

Ha! whare ye gaun' ye crowlin ferlie?
Your impudence protects you sairly;
I canna say but ye strunt rarely
Owre gauze and lace,
Tho faith! I fear ye dine but sparely
On sic a place.