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I’m a prisoner, locked behind the bars of reality.
Reality is the devil.
Watching me work, watching me bleed.
Reality’s cruelty gives birth to a dream.


Everyday of my life I wait for that special girl.
The brightest of angels, the most promising spirit.
But she lies on the other side of the island. Separated
by a river of impatience. It flows forever just like the thoughts

Waiting In The Sunset (Sonnet 7)

The moment I hear the waves crash and tear
At the walls of my shelter, slowly worn
Slowly giving way, with little to spare
Little to gain from the old, dead and torn

Blind Wanderer In A Dark Forest (Sonnet 10)

Children fall in rains of December
Autumn leaves turn silky and soft
They make me think and try to remember
What light this world has given and lost

Forever Lost (The Wall Of History)

I’m walking in a dark alley.
Can’t even look eye to eye at my solution.
I see markings in the walls- and in my heart I know
they were there for me.

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Dan Schmoker 17 March 2005

A true poet that captures pure frustration in unrequited relationships.

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Born in a loving family, I discovered early talents in guitar playing at age 9. At that time I was active in Tae Kwon Do and Cub Scouts. Later I discovered a talent in poetry, or I just started writing poems on a constant basis. Either way, I have always wanted a place to belong to...

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