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Brought up in Kent, England. Studied English at Cambridge University. Didn't take full advantage of that privilege in my working life. Now live in Oviedo, Spain. Married with three grown-up children.

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This Economic Crisis

My son has given up his job:
he survived for almost a year
but finished up stressed-out.

Each Day's A Diamond

Each day's a diamond
when you lose someone you love.

You realize just how near death is.


As a child I had a 'coloured' nanny
(actually I'm coloured too - I'm pink) .

Perhaps that's why I've always loved dark ladies:

Big Mistake

Once I came home late from work.

The first thing I saw was our dog.

Poetry And Song

Songs get millions of hits on the net.
Poems get thousands at most.

Would-be bards, take music lessons soon!

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