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To All That I Meet


May you be blessed by some part of how I left you.
May the memory of us,

How To Write A Poem!

You begin of course with melody.
A dance of royal magnanimity.
Ensure the song is met,
with a beat of perfect step.

Cosmic Dream

Could touch
thE stars


When there is a dangerous tune
that's played into the night.
Bring upon the crushers snare,
and leap upon mid-flight.

I Am The You That I Speak Of.

You is I, who?
Who is I? You?
You is who?
I is You!

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19 December 2014

Draw a circle, impose a line. When do men not project their deficiencies?

19 December 2014

Your purpose in life is the pursuit of a predictable rhythm. Your purpose is Know.

19 December 2014

Humility is a dish best eaten convincingly.

19 December 2014

My win or loss only hurts the one who cares.

26 December 2014

Look upon the horror, of those who would fight another, for a piece of the prize that is given them, by men who would be their masters. Lest we forget! !

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Short Bio-
From Winnipeg, Manitoba. Rob is a philosophic thinker and a psychotherapist. Currently attempting to refine attachment theory, Rob provides therapy to clients from nearly all walks of life.

Rob spends his time with his beautiful family, working out, and attempting to keep healthy. Rob is also starting practice yoga. Rob's focus of st ...

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