Robert Walter Huge

(Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA)

Robert Walter Huge Poems

1. House Of Stone 1/2/2003
2. The Wall 1/2/2003
3. The New Presidents 1/2/2003

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The New Presidents

When I was small, it was FDR,
Cigarette holder and touring car;
Then came Harry, "The buck stops here,"
Some will tell you he had no peer;
About the time I mastered my bike,
Folks were chanting, "I like Ike!"
Eight years later I had my say
And cast my ballot for JFK;
Lyndon Johnson and a war we'd hate,
Were followed by Nixon and Watergate;
For a couple of years it was Gerry Ford,
Then Jimmy Carter, and I got bored;
When Ronald Reagan came along,
He seemed to sing a brand new song;
Then, "Read my lips!" exclaimed George Bush,
And out ...

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