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Taken From Chicken Soup For The Teenage Soul:

I'm sorry for all the times i lost my temper
for all the times when i was rude.

We're best friends you and me, and thats all we'll ever be.
What once was mine and now is done, is setting like the morning sun.
I dont know why i liked u so, but somehow u seemed to glow.
Maybe it was the gentle, touch of your hand, or us playing in the sand. Your smile or your awsome glance, the way i was in such a trance. That bubbly, butterfly feeling i got when we fooled around.

Another day
I wake to a dawn thats calling
Always calling
Get up, make your bed

Something happened
Its wonderful
I've never felt it before
Its like....butterflies

Taken From Chicken Soup For The Teenage Soul:

A journey lies ahead
for all teenagers today,

Some days I hate you
But some days I don't,
Some days I forgive you
But some days I don't,

For every girl who loves a boy with all her heart
For every guy who loves her back
For every girl who is afraid to say her feelings
For every guy who wants her too


Theres always a flaw we can't get past.
A thing we think is wrong.
Something we try to change real fast.
But later find out is gone.

Taken From Chicken Soup For The Teenage Soul:

After a while you learn the subtle
difference between


How does an adventure sound?
Cool? Awesome?
What about if it was to die?
Still cool? Wicked?

A best friend is always there.
Someone you can talk to,
even relate to.. like a sister or brother.
Just someone who is.

I wanted to see you
make my everything alright,
Not knowing what could happen
on that warm summers night.

It’s a lifetime of happiness,
A lifetime of memories.
It’s when you no longer need to

You are my sunshine on a cloudy day.
You are my rainbow on a day thats grey
You are the butterflies in my stomach
You are the tears that fall from my eyes


When you feel like nothings right
When you want to break out and cry
When you seemingly tear up for nothing
When you almost want to die

In the middle i stay
Never leaving
Yet never coming

Robin Parker Biography

Hey! I'm Robin. I'm 17 years old and i'm currently trying to finish my second last year of highschool. I wont get into much detail but if you want to know more i have 2 email addys, myspace and facebook. I like to write. I write poems like crazy, so you'll probably see new ones up here all the time. I'm often inspired by things that happen in my life, the way i feel or by people i meet. As such is one person. You should know who you are. A few of the poems on my list are not my works, just ones i liked from a book. Most however are mine. Anyyywhoo... if you read my poems and like them, you should let me know. I enjoy seeing if i am doing good in this world or not. I don't want to have to give it all up! Oh one other thing. If you fail, always try again. Oh and love CAN make the world a better place, if we all just try to get along. Kay cya.

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I'M Sorry

Taken From Chicken Soup For The Teenage Soul:

I'm sorry for all the times i lost my temper
for all the times when i was rude.
For all the gifts that were givin
and never recieved thank you's.

For all the love you've givin me
and i haven't givin back.
For all the times you were patient
a virtue that i lack.

I'm sorry for all the people
to whom i was so cruel.
To all the people that i laughed at
i acted like a fool.

I couldn't see past your imperfections
i couldn't see past my pride.
Your feelings i trampled all over
on my high horse i would ride.

I'm sorry for all the times i lied
for the people i hurt along the way.
Not a day goes by that i don't regret it
and i'd take it back anyday.

The only person i cared about
was me and only me.
And now i'm truly sorry
i only wish i could make you see.

I'm sorry for everything i've done
for all the people i let down.
I'm only asking for a second chance
so i can turn things back around.

I know that its a little late
my deeds can't be undone.
I realize now that i was wrong
and i'm sorry everyone.

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