The east, the west, the north, the south
Are with me-
Good, better and the best
Are within me-


He has
Sky in his mind

He has

O the land of Lao tzu,
O country China, O country China,

The death that came out of you,

When answer is needed
A question is to be asked

When a question came out

Unto you all
Herewith I tell
After having
Hypocrisy to nil

I view … I view…
The things those are very new, I view
I view… I view…
The things those are unknown hither to I view…

There is someone, see him-

He is analyzing himself!

O my dear world of enthusiastic folks,

Come, get into the world of poetry
Set yourself in the mould of poetry

Read poems… read poems…

Truly I will live

As I fell in love

"As I thought that you are a poem, ‌ I have been reading you for quite some time" my mind spoke to me.
"What have you learnt, as you read me? "I did ask my mind.
"You are a dispersed sentence and a ruined concept" areply came to me.
After watching this, my heart laughed.

Movement from
dreams to dreams
Has become wakefulness.

“Ashes are falling…”

When this was said

On an another platform
Let us meet again hey humans,
Hey humans,
On an another platform let us meet again

As long as you are within me I will be fine honey
As I live for you the real glory will be mine honey

To me living is a bondage fed up I am, accept me

Thorns are pricking us
O flowers, listen to us
We are suffering from thorns
O flowers do not forsake us

In the name of living
By dint of life
As human beings
Have we called for


It flashed in me

I do not know why
I cannot say how

Whirl wind
In mind
Creates chaos
Of its kind

Thirsty interests
Drive me
Towards future


The song of kindness
Was written in unknown script!
No one knows to read-
A culture was called


Rochishmon is a business man by vocation and a poet by avocation. Lives in Chennai, India. His poems take place in international magazines, anthologies, web-portals. He received an award of honor from the state governor in the year 2006 as recognition to his involvement in poetry. He writes poetry in English, Telugu, Tamil, Sanskrit languages. His English poems have reached 110 countries and have received more than 4,00,000 views. He has published his English poems anthology LET US UNDERSTAND THE DAWNS. In the literature of the Telugu language, he holds 3 records... He introduced one line poems to the Telugu language for the first time. He introduced the first anthology of poems on the internet to the language of Telugu He introduced Ghazal for the first time on internet to the Telugu language He wrote Telugu -Gazals in the prescribed Ethnic- Bahars for the 1st time He introduced proper Rubaayees to the Telugu language for the first time He introduced Persian poetry form Qata to the Telugu language He introduced Rubaayee and Qata to the Tamil language He holds 3rd place in poem Hunter com, as a poet. He has penchant for business, poetry, music, philosophy, creativity, human relationships. He deems that, a person needs to have a proper notion much prior to having an ambition. He infers, a person should live beyond opinions and a person should lead life with learning and knowing. His e-mail: His hand phone: + 91 9444012279)

The Best Poem Of ROCHISH MON

The Momentum

The east, the west, the north, the south
Are with me-
Good, better and the best
Are within me-

I am a seeker, a hearer and a seer
I am a teacher, a listener and a preacher

I am a priest
I am a prophet-

I hear music beyond notations
I present literature above the notions

I am the dream,
I am the reality-

I am cold,
I am hot-

I will be seen
Between the sun and his shine

I will be present
Below the sea

The whole nature is for me
Even the galaxies are meant for me

I am ahead of opinions and knowledge
I am the path, I am the place

I am indescribable, I am imperishable
I give solace

I emancipate happiness
I am a thing of sublimity

I do not stop
I do not end

I am hale
I am soul

I am the momentum!
I am a poem-


Dasarathi Lakshman Dasarathi 05 November 2022

Very nicely written

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