O China, Poem by ROCHISH MON

O China,

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O the land of Lao tzu,
O country China, O country China,

The death that came out of you,
Namely virus carona endlessly kills humans;
The heavy blow that was originated in you,
Namely virus carona ends countless lives.

Endings of lives are trending now because of you;
The trade of chaos is rising now because of you.

The whole world is quaking by your virus;
Future of the world is breaking by your deeds.

O the place of Tao-te-ching,
O country China, O country China,
You have deviated from Lao tzu long ago;
You have stood out ofthe Tao long ago.

Now your color is carona virus;
Now you have caused destructions.

China, O China,

To the world you may not want to be answerable-
But you stand as ato-be-sorted out question.

Tuesday, March 24, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: history
George Krokos 24 March 2020

Yes you are right and as far as we should all be concerned the finger of scorn points to China, thanks for sharing.

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Alison mujati 24 March 2020

Remindss us of a worst trouble in our life time.....sad isnt it

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Spock The Vegan 24 March 2020

Well worded. Thanks.

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